Energy Action Group (EAG)

Assisting members across the spectrum of energy choices

THE ENERGY ACTION GROUP (EAG) is an alliance of like-minded, membership organisations whose members are committed to working together in confronting Climate Change by reducing their CO2 emissions, cutting their energy consumption and reducing energy costs.

The EAG has been active in the energy industry since 2011 and has gained a reputation for providing a comprehensive, professional energy service to the charitable and not-for-profit sectors. The Energy Action Group currently helps hundreds of UK organisations to manage their energy issues, make savings on their energy bills, and improve the way they manage their energy spending.

This new EAG website is designed to assist Members find help, guidance and information on a diverse range of topics from the rapidly transforming energy sector.

The EAG brings together a diverse group of charitable and Third Sector organisations with a common ethos and desire to help their members confront today’s urgent energy issues.

The EAG assists its members by providing help and technical information on a broad spectrum of energy issues, including Green Energy, Energy Buying, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management and access to renewable energy technologies.

The Annual Energy Buying Basket: This consortium scale Buying Group improves members’ buying power by pooling their energy consumption, enabling them to buy energy collectively – reducing bills and saving money.

This free, no obligation service, obtains competitive quotes from a wide range of suppliers on an annual basis.

What does the EAG look like today?

New partners and members continue to join on a regular basis and with 2 new partner organisations joining in 2020. The combined membership of all partners now exceeds 5,000 individual organisations of all sizes.

What are the concerns of EAG members today?

Energy costs are a continual concern and many charities have been severely affected by Covid. Finding ways to reduce costs whilst maintaining services is a challenge for all. Cutting energy consumption is a key strategy, as is self-generation by means of solar power, green-gas-fired generators, and heat pumps.

Most charities have high environmental principles and wish to address their carbon emissions and cut their waste. With the continuing challenges of global warming and waste, the EAG offers a path to navigate the pitfalls and opportunities of the energy world in the 2020s

With so many possible solutions and a host of new technologies in this complex landscape the Energy Action Group is here to give guidance and advice to its members and partners.

History of the Energy Action Group (EAG)

In 2010 a small number of energy and charity professionals joined together to explore the effects of ever-rising energy costs on charities and the wider 3rd sector. At the time, it was felt that the energy suppliers held all the power leaving individual organisations feeling helpless and vulnerable.

Individual charities have little influence over their gas and electricity suppliers and are often subject to predatory pricing coupled with unresolved billing issues and poor customer service. As in most sectors, energy suppliers respect the size of the entity they are dealing with and the financial opportunity presented to them. By joining together, individual members can expect improved pricing and service.

The result of these deliberations in 2011 gave birth to the Energy Action Group (EAG), one of the oldest and best-established energy buying baskets in the UK

Strength Together


Like-minded organisations working together to collectively buy energy in a cost-effective and ethical way.

Power to Negotiate


Bringing the bargaining power achieved through the community.

Supportive Community


Help and advice shared by members and partners.


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