Energy Management

Identify, Monitor & Optimise Energy Performance on a Regular, Scheduled Basis

What is Energy Management?

Definition of Energy Management

Energy Management is the practice of identifying monitoring and optimising energy performance on a regular, scheduled basis, within a site or building. The objectives are to manage usage, identify energy saving opportunities, conserve consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

The fundamentals rely on continuous improvement in the efficiency with which energy is used, and the prevention and avoidance of energy waste.

Energy Management Process

Why is Energy Management Important?

Energy and water are major operating costs for most businesses and charities. All organisations would like to save energy, but it is only by treating Energy Management as an underlying, essential, and persistent activity that it can deliver its full potential. All organisations should regard Energy Management as a core activity and have it designated as an integral element of company management.

Effective Energy Management

= Reduced Energy Costs

  • Identify energy consumption at meter, site, and company level
  • Identify times and areas of energy wastage
  • Focus on inefficiencies and waste
  • Identify sources of greatest energy consumption
  • Calculating returns on capital investment

How much energy are you using below the surface?

How much energy are you using beneath the surface

Many organisations are unaware of the energy they are using unintentionally.

Why does Energy Management matter?

If so, how do you know which type of contract is right for you?

While cutting energy costs is essential today, reducing carbon emissions has become vital. All organisations, from the private and public sectors, can benefit from implementing energy management at a strategic level.

Types of Business Gas Contracts

Energy management is the means to control and reduce your organisation’s energy consumption, which facilitates:

  • Reductions in electricity infrastructure costs
  • Reductions in energy consumption costs
  • Reductions in carbon emissions
  • Achieves internal environmental, and sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.
  • Minimises the risk of increasing future costs
How is Your energy management

A comprehensive energy management system lowers risk by reducing demand and retains control of your energy budget.

Energy Management involves identifying and delivering measurable reductions in energy use (water, gas & electricity).

Types of Energy Management

Key Benefits:

  • Identify and prioritise poor energy performance
  • Create clear objectives for energy reduction
  • Identify and address routine energy waste
  • Continuously monitor and improve efficiency
  • Communicate outcomes to staff and stakeholders
  • Calculate the return on energy efficiency investments
  • Identify energy and water wastage
  • Auditing and proactive investment planning
  • Staff training on best practice awareness
  • Positive behavioral change

Comply with legal requirements

Sound energy management practice is increasingly mandated by the UK Government. Legislation is designed to ensure that organisations comply with legal obligations. Reducing carbon emissions through energy management will also support reaching specific targets.

ESOS REPORTING requires some form of energy management to demonstrate:

  • Accurate energy consumption and emissions data with verifiable audit trails
  • Effective energy management systems for data handling and other effective energy management practices

Cost effective Energy Management through the Energy Action Group

Our market leading Energy Management system offers ease of use and powerful analytical tools to deliver real-world energy solutions. This comprehensive monitoring and targeting system provides numerous reports and advanced modules that can automate energy savings.

Setting Targets - Create an Energy Action Plan

Start with an Energy Audit

If you have undertaken an Energy Audit, you should be able to create your Action Plan. If you haven’t you should plan one now.

The direction of travel to greater energy efficiency is one of continual improvement. Starting with those areas that present the greatest potential for the quickest results. Your Action Plan should develop in a straightforward, and predictable progression that is easy to understand.

Find out about Energy Management Now

Energy Management could cut your energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 30% with no loss of efficiency.

Web based software accessible anywhere, any time.

Energy Mangement Controls
  • Multi utility
  • Easy to use
  • Supply capacity reset
  • Bill Validation
  • Tenant Billing
  • Unoccupied waste
  • Graphical reports
  • Occupancy reports
  • Large range of inbuilt reports
  • Reports can be tailored to specific sites
  • Ability to import data from other systems

The financial and environmental benefits of Energy Management for Energy Action Group members are too great to ignore.

Find out how Smart Meters can help your Energy Management project.

Download The EAGV Guide to Smart Metering and AMR

Simple measures can deliver long-term and lasting cost and carbon savings.

Find out how Energy Management can help you.


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